A better world is possible where humanity's problems are alleviated through innovative projects and socially responsible project management research and practice. PMRP's mission is to provide a forum where evidence-based, informed dialogue can occur with project management researchers, practitioners and other stakeholders on such challenges. 

Current IssueVol 6, No 1 (2020): July-December

Published October 27, 2020

Issue Description

Many of the papers published in this issue represent the peer-reviewed research presented as part of the Academic Program of the PMI Australia Conference 2018 (PMIAC18) held in Melbourne, Australia on the 21st and 22ndMay 2018. With a theme of Diversity, Performance, and Wellbeing, the PMIAC18 conference integrated these papers into the Innovation & Trends track thus ensuring they were presented to a receptive audience of both academics and practitioners – an exemplar of successfully combining project management research and practice.

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PMI Australia 2018 Conference

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