Our History

Interest has steadily grown in the last few years across the PM community in publishing a new practitioner-oriented research journal. Discussions occurred at various research and practitioner events, with the result being the generous offer made by Professor Shankar Sankaran (at the University of Technology, Sydney) to redirect his journal of Organisational Project Management toward the goals of (what now is) Project Management Research and Practice.

UTS ePress, as the publisher of both OPM and PMRP, was immediately supportive of the idea. Dedicated staff saw the journal as an opportunity for a new approach to project management research and worked closely with the PMRP team in the development of new cover design and internal page design templates. The publishing of PMRP at UTS is also consistent with its commitment to measuring and guiding its social impact as a university.

With the mission of the journal agreed upon and the support of a leading university ePress, the next step was to recruit an international Editorial Board (EB). The EB has been carefully selected based on their topical and methodological expertise, access to emergent researchers, location and diversity within the PM community. It will continue to grown in the coming years to be consistent with this diversity.

PMRP has been conceived and developed as a journal with a mission to advocate socially responsible project research and practice through the work of student research. With this as a starting point, and supported through the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts, PMRP's future looks even more promising than its history.